Monday, October 24, 2016

RPG Crawler's Patreon Launch

So a few days ago I went ahead and started a Patreon page, for those fans who might want to directly contribute. I know it might seem a bit early, but I figured hey, why not. Now, for those who don't know what Patreon is, it's a website that allows people to pledge support for artists and content producers that they enjoy. A content producer can set the page up to accept pledges on a monthly basis, or per item produced. I have set mine up on a monthly basis, because I believe that model lines up with the content I produce best.

How it works for the patron, the one pledging support, is that you can pledge any dollar amount, and set up a payment method. Each month, that amount is automatically deducted by the website. You can discontinue your pledge at any time. Simple and efficient.

Now, the creator can set various rewards for certain levels of pledges, and I have done exactly that. Patrons who pledge $1 or more a month will get early access to certain types of videos that I produce. Specifically exempting the let's plays, the indie game friday series, and the rpg news roundup. It'd be difficult to do the latter two, since many times I record those on the day they are released. The early access will apply to other reviews, tabletops & taverns, rpg storytime, and other 'specials' that I might put together. The $1 tier also gets you access to certain patron only posts that I will put up from time to time, either sharing my thoughts and methods, talking about the future of the channel, or just offering whatever interaction I think that patrons might find interesting.

I have also put a $5 tier and a $15 tier for those who want to go the extra mile in supporting my content. at the $5 tier, you will get access to my video scripts and notes, as well as access to a monthly patron chat and any patron specific streams I may be doing at that moment. Access to my scripts and notes might interest some who want to see how projects I've put together were arrived at, or get a glimpse at some upcoming projects, or even projects I decided not to do just yet. The patron chat and streams will allow patrons of that level or higher a high degree of interaction. I might chat with them about the state of the channel, might give more personal anecdotes than I usually share with the general public, or might just kick around and play games that they want, possibly with multiplayer elements they can join in on. It all depends on the mood and the way things go.

At the $15 tier, I have allowed a limited number of slots to be effectively 'producer credits', to be credited at the end of my non-let's play videos. During a given month I'll create a pre end card credit sequence that will list up to 15 people as producers, under whatever name they might want (within reason). If said individual has a youtube channel, I can readily link to them. I have a non-credit version for anyone who might want to give this much, but do so relatively anonymously. I'm currently wracking my brains for something else to offer in that $15 tier, although I feel I might have quite a bit of time. I was thinking perhaps writing a custom adventure each month to offer them, or something similar, but I'll have to see if I have any time whatsoever with my new posting schedule goals. I am, of course, open to suggestions.

But really, whether the rewards are enticing or not, the whole Patreon experiment boils down to two questions: 1) Whether you believe that my content is worth contributing anything each month, and 2) Whether or not you're comfortable making that pledge. And at the end of the day, that's something only you, the viewer and reader can answer. The current content I produce won't be put behind a paywall or anything like that. This is just a piece of a larger puzzle, to gradually get enough to reinvest in the channel. If I can start getting a little income in, whether it be through ads, through patreon, through affiliate sales or through direct donations, I can start upgrading my equipment, afford to build sets, or even just generally devote more time to making videos and blog posts, increasing the quality (I should hope).

At any rate, I thank you for taking the time to read this. If you'd like to watch my video on the subject, I'll include it below, as well as a link to my Patreon page. Until next time, take care and good bye!

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